You Make Me Nervous

You Make Me Nervous

Shaking those interview nerves.

Got an important interview coming up, or hesitant to apply for that dream job because nerves normally get the better of you? It doesn’t seem to matter if you are 24 or 56, an assistant or a CEO… when it comes to job interviews most people get worried! Nerves are usually a good sign because they show you care about what you are doing, and often nature’s way of getting a little bit of adrenalin pumping to impress the crowd. However, too many nerves and it can cause you to misrepresent yourself or fumble through an interview and not give yourself a chance to shine.

SB recruitment have put together our top tips for shaking off those interview nerves.

Remember that they are only human. Remind yourself that the people sitting in front of you would have been in your position once, and they are just doing their job looking for the right person for the role. You can’t change what they think, you can only control how you feel. Imagine them making toast or dropping the kids at school and it can ease your mind a bit.

Be there with plenty of time. It is important that you aren’t late for an interview, and adding to the stress of the situation by being under time pressure. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to arrive and know where you are going. Practice the day before at the same time to make sure you don’t get lost, and always allow some extra time for any unforeseen circumstances.

Rest up. Make sure you get plenty of sleep and relaxation in the lead up to an interview. Being over tired is bad for anxiety and nerves and being well rested will put you in the best space mentally for interview success.

Be prepared. Make sure you have reviewed the job ad, company background and description so you are ready to answer questions about the role. Go over your CV and be sure you can walk the interviewer through your work history with confidence. Practice some example interview questions and be prepared for some curve ball questions just in case.

Be yourself. You want get hired for who you are and what you bring to the table, so as much a possible be who you are in a professional way so people get a chance to see your skills and personality too. Remember you are there to interview them too, so make sure you ask the questions you want to know about work culture, hours and expectations.

Be honest. At the end of the day you are a human, and chances are if you care about the position then it is normal and likely you will be a bit nervous. However, it is important to not over state your abilities or character in a way that could negatively impact you. Your interviewer will know you won’t be perfect, they are simply trying to gain an understanding of who you are and what your skills are.
Remember to breathe! Practice taking some deep breaths to calm your nerves or do a quick mindfulness or mediation exercise before you go in for your interview… and most importantly – don’t forget to smile and let your confidence shine through.

Good luck!

SB Recruitment have several tips to help you prepare whether you are the interviewer or interviewee. Contact us today for an obligation free discussion surrounding how to get the best out of your interview.

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