Work Hard, Play Smart

Work Hard, Play Smart

Artificial Intelligence in The Workplace

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming an increasing presence in our workplaces. With technology becoming smarter and requiring less of a human touch we are free to pursue other tasks, as it makes smarter and more accurate predictions and streamline our lives.

Artificial Intelligence is designed to think like humans, seek out patterns and make decisions based or select an option based on the information available to it. As it improves its’ ability to do these things it provides us with freedom and insights to improve the way we do business.

Automation –

Automation is taking a function from being manual and requiring effort, to being automatic and working by itself with little or no human interaction. Automation of tasks saves time, freeing employees up to perform other tasks.

Industries across the board have been slowly automating their workplaces for many years. Although there can be resistance when a particular function is automated, as it makes employees performing certain roles redundant, it is overall a positive move.

Predicting trends –

AI is improving every day at predicting trends, with the increase in data we are able to feed it. When presented with credit card transactions, search history and location can give an accurate predictive power that is invaluable to companies. Human beings are creatures of habit. AI can predict what is coming next with increasing accuracy and this gives us the ability to tailor solutions to what our customers will want in the future.

You will have already seen examples of this predictive behaviour in your social media feeds. It seems that all you have to do is think of something and you will be shown an ad related to it.

This tool will continue to improve as AI becomes more powerful and as the data we feed it becomes more comprehensive. It is in the best interest of companies to research how this can best serve them.

Self-selection –

AI is able to make the appropriate response to a situation as a human being would, based on the information it has available. This can be an asset in the workplace as AI can and will improve its ability to select a path for perspective clients based on what they have selected in the past as to what products they might like offered to them in the future.

AI is data driven. The more data and “experiences” it has had, the better it can select responses in the future. This is allowing for better business decisions to be make than ever before.

Artificial Intelligence is an ever-growing presence in our world and in our workplaces. It’s increasing ability to think, analyse and make decision like a human will provide more tools and options to businesses and workplaces moving forward. By using data collection to provide information and AI to analyse it, workplaces can function in more efficient and profitable ways, and free employees time up to add value in other ways.

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