What to look for in a Recruitment Agency

What to look for in a Recruitment Agency

Having the right recruitment agency working with you can make a difference and is an advantageous service for both clients and candidates. Recruitment agencies are specialists in their industries and can help job seekers and businesses in a number of different ways, from identifying talent to negotiating terms and contracts. This can relieve a huge amount of pressure from both companies and candidates, and still make sure the right people are placed in the right job, helping businesses grow and talent advance in their careers.

It is important to get the most out of your relationship with a recruitment agency and by considering the below points, this will ensure a great outcome for job seekers and clients.

Job Seekers

For job seekers, using a recruitment agency is a free service, with agents being experienced professionals who understand the job market. Working with an experienced recruiter is a strong asset for candidates and will ensure a better fit for both the company and talent.

It is important to work with recruitment agencies who deal with roles relevant to their consultant’s experience and expertise. As a result, each consultant will have a deeper insight into the positions available which will assist in placing you in the right job.

One of the biggest complaints job seekers make about recruitment agencies is the lack of feedback. Be sure to consult with agencies who provide feedback at all stages of the recruitment process. This will give you added insight into how to improve your job search, new learnings about yourself and improve your chance of hiring.

Agencies who offer additional services, such as our SB CV writing service, interview coaching or Linkedin profile optimisation indicate that the agency is willing to put in the time and effort to find you the right job – ensuring you are putting your best foot forward.

Finally, you should expect regular job listings – the more job opportunities a recruitment agency has, the more opportunities a candidate has to apply for and attain a job.


For clients, recruitment agencies can save time and resources – finding suitable candidates by undertaking interviews, shortlisting candidates as well as performing reference checks. This can also ensure you are hiring faster and only receive a shortlist of correctly qualified personnel.

When using a recruitment agency, you are likely to have a bigger pool of talent compared to hiring in-house— three-quarters of the Australian workforce are open to being approached by recruiters.

Businesses need to consult companies who specialise in hiring for their sector and they’ve been referred to. This will improve the quality of hire and decrease staff turnover. Also, if you’ve got a role and you’re unsure what the correct salary is for the position, the recruitment agency is perfectly placed to give you an accurate market rate using salary data and local market knowledge.

89% of talent say working with recruiters can make them accept a job faster, and is four times more likely to consider your company for a future opportunity when you offer them constructive feedback.

Lastly, don’t judge a recruitment agency on its size – make sure you seek out help in the areas your business needs assistance and before embarking on a long-term partnership with an agency, be sure to thoroughly research all your options. Recruitment agencies can save you time and money, but they also have the necessary skills to ensure you are making the best hiring decisions for your business.

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