The Power Of Digital Marketing

The Power Of Digital Marketing

The face of marketing has changed dramatically in recent years and ever-changing technology is greatly impacting the way products and services are promoted.
Digital marketing includes marketing through digital technologies including online, computers, and on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. It is such a powerful tool because by using technology you can communicate with your target audience. You can choose to make your advertising appear in front of specific demographics through several platforms.

What are some of the most targeted forms of digital marketing, and why are they so powerful?

Remarketing. Have you ever wondered how you can google something, for example a specific model of car, and then for the next few days a number of website ads for this particular product or service appear? This is called remarketing and works by using cookies and programs in the background coding to record who is visiting the website and what they are looking at. Ads are then set to appear about this when you are online. This works on the marketing theory that if you see something several times you are more likely to make that purchase.

LinkedIn advertising and recruitment. The LinkedIn platform has some of the most powerful digital marketing tools available. You can choose to target specific individuals, for example, people with the title ‘business development manager, in the computer industry within a 20kms radius of Sydney’, and better still you can make a personalised message appear in their inbox. You can also use LinkedIn recruiter in the same manor, whereby you are looking for individuals for a specific role and can use it as a great head-hunting tool. For example, you could search for all those with ‘tender writing’ experience. Many organisations rely solely on LinkedIn to recruit now, which is a massive shift from traditional recruitment of the past like newspaper ads.

Facebook and Instagram advertising. Using social media to market your target audience has huge potential and has grown dramatically over the past decade. Advertisers can now target groups of people based on their likes, group followings and search history. This allows marketers to get in front of their target demographic at a relatively low cost and can ensure your advertising dollars are well used, versus traditional advertising which tends to target a much broader audience with lower engagement rates. Job seekers can also use the technology is the same way.

Google adwords and SEO. By using google advertising you can target a specific audience based on what they search for in their browser. For example, when a member of the public searches for ‘Brisbane Accountants’ you can set up an ad that appears at the top of their browser for this specific service. While this is a paid form of advertising search engine optimisation (SEO) works in the back end of your website to appear at the top of people’s searches in a much more organic fashion so your product or service is at the top of searches based on specific search words.
The reason why digital marketing is most powerful though, is it allows you to measure your return on investment as a marketer. You can see by click rates and open rates how many people are seeing your ads and what their success and conversion rates are. This means that if they aren’t working, rather than wasting valuable dollars you can change your strategy to ensure success. This also offers a substantial savings over traditional forms of marketing whereby often large investments are made, and engagement is much harder to measure; the spend is usually upfront with no opportunity to change if your campaign is not successful.

SB Recruitment have several digital marketing tools available to help you hire, or apply for the role, or candidate you want to hire. Talk to us today for tips and advice to help you, or your organisation succeed.

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