Skeleton Staff Set Goals

Skeleton Staff Set Goals

Making The Most Of The Holiday Period With Your Skeleton Staff

While many businesses use the holiday period as a time to shut down, others stay open and operate on Skeleton staff in a corporate environment. While for many this can be an excuse lay back, and work less the reality is it is a great time to get that extra work done. It is important to make sure your staff have clear directions about what they are doing so you can make the most out the quiet period and ensure your bottom line is not suffering during the holidays.

Use the time to clean up. Do you have folders full of old files, out dated marketing collateral or promo gear gathering dust? You can use the time to declutter or task staff on with completing these tasks.

Look after your workers. Does the majority of your business going away mean a few people are left with a very large amount of work to do? Make sure they are going to make it through ok and you won’t risk losing them during your relaxation period.

Have a plan in place. If things get busy, or there is an emergency situation do your holiday staff know what to do and who to contact? Have plans in place and run meetings to ensure your business and your staff stay safe at all times. Make sure there are ample handover notes and processes in place to ensure customer service is not compromised.

Take stock and set goals. The quiet period can be a great time to assess the year that has been and set new goals for the year. It can be a great time to sit back and look at where you really want the business and your career to go and set priorities for the New Year.

Get to the bottom of your to do list. The quiet period can be an ideal time to finally get stuck into that project that has been sitting on the back burner, or do the things you never have time to!

Make sure you are checking in. While it is important to step away and have a break from your business, it is important to ensure your business is staying afloat. Ensure you have checks in place to make sure operations are intact.

Say thank you! Sometimes a few team members working is the reason you get to have a break. So don’t forget to show gratitude for those who are working. Being part of a team involves give and take and with the right attitude and show of appreciation you will be stronger after the break and ready to return the favour.

Make sure you have a policy for the holiday period. Has HR found themselves in a position with too many people wanting leave, or not enough? By having a pre-determined policy in place regarding leave and the holiday period you can avoid the headache. This way all employees have a clear understanding of what is expected of them, and you during this time.

Worried your business will suffer over this time, or are busier than you thought? SB recruitment offer temp to staff to cover busy or quiet periods in your business including reception staff.

Whether you are working, or taking a break this year, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season. Contacts us for an obligation free conversation about workforce planning and your staffing needs throughout the year.

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