Recruiting Superstars

Recruiting Superstars


So many jobs, yet it seems harder than ever to fill that position with the right talent, and for some industries it is a never-ending battle. We’ve put together our top tips for recruiting in a candidate short market below. Good luck!

Make social media work for you. A targeted LinkedIn recruitment campaign or specialised search can find you exactly the candidate you want. Then it is just about starting the conversation about what it will take to move that person over.

Be willing to offer more, and not necessarily in wages. If you have found the candidate you want, but they are happily working for another organisation you have to be willing to think outside the box in terms of how you can secure their employment. For most people in a time short world giving them a non-monetary value is what will cause them to shift. Think more holidays, flexible working conditions or part time hours. If you ask the right questions, you may just be able to secure that super star candidate. 4 day working weeks are on the rise, and with a proven rise in productivity you may just be able to get more for less!

Show your heart. Never more than now have workers been more motivated by social causes. You can stand out from competitors by showing how your organisation donates and/or participates in social causes that hold a lot of personal meaning.

Network! Use your current social and professional networks to get in touch with the type of people you would like working for you. By starting a conversation, you never know who you might meet, or who already knows someone that’s perfect for that hard to fill role!

Plan ahead. Don’t leave your workforce planning until it’s too late. Do you have a risk mitigation strategy for if your no.1 recruit was to get head hunted tomorrow? Would the minimum notice period be enough? Have a strategy ready to go so you know how to recruit and how long it takes.

Make your organisation shine. Get involved with awards for best employers, encourage your staff to write reviews on People are reviewing how it is to work for your organisation and when people are looking for a new job opinions matter.

Look for transferable skills.  Recruiting from a different field can be a great way to reach a new pool of talent. For example, looking for a great recruiter, or sales person – ask for someone in marketing. With in built sales, creativity and drive it’s easy to see why you could recruit from a candidate rich field such as this. Steve Jobs from Apple was known for hiring students rather than seasoned professionals because they knew how to think and were open to new ideas.

Ask an expert. There are a number of specialists that can help your organisation with workforce planning and campaigns to target those hard to fill roles in today’s market. As a bonus often, recruitment firms often have access to talent you may not be able to reach. Planning is key when it comes to a candidate short market, and it pays to be connected to experts to ensure the continuity of your workforce.

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