Push & Pull

Push & Pull

Pull Marketing’ & your Career……Never search for a new job again!

For those candidates that have worked within a particular sector for a number of years, this article is for you!

First up, what’s ‘Pull Marketing’??

To understand Pull Marketing we need to look at both Pull & Push Marketing which is basically how a consumer is approached by a business through promotional activities.

Push Marketing is when a business is taking their products to a consumer through promotional activities hence, ‘pushing’ their efforts out to a target market. You walk through a Department Store and an Employee working in the Fragrance Department provides you with a sample of the perfume. Often, that’s the first time you’ve experienced that product.

Pull Marketing is the opposite. It’s the communication of information to attract the customer and ‘pull’ them in. This helps to ensure a product will be a household name and often the customer will promote the business for you ‘SB Recruitment is great. You should call them to find your next staff member’.  J  It attempts to create loyalty amongst their customers and ensure they keep coming back for more.

So, how does ‘Pull Marketing’ apply to you and your future career opportunities?

You want companies to be attracted to you so you are headhunted into their business. Quite frankly, you want them to chase after you, not the other way around!


  • Be seen! Attend conferences, seminars & courses and NETWORK!
  • Be heard! Don’t think of yourself as a potential job seeker but as a Consultant or Expert within your industry. You have great skills and a massive amount of knowledge. Let people know that! Publish Linked In Articles, start a Blog, present at industry events and present within your own organisation.
  • Build up your Linked In profile. I know a lot of people are opposed to social media but Linked In really is the best way for an organisation to reach out to you. It’s discreet and encourages two parties to have a professional conversation which is confidential and to the point.
  • Referrals: Are there enough people out there (work colleagues, previous work colleagues, clients, previous management etc) that would refer you to a company? The more successful you are and the stronger the relationships you have will ensure they will think of you when asked ‘do you know of anyone that could do this job’.
  • Be a problem solver.  If someone asks you for advice, jump in and do whatever you can to help be it a colleague, a staff member in your team or a network contact. People ALWAYS remember someone that has helped them and will return the favour when they can.

If you position yourself well within your industry, you may never need to scroll through pages and pages of job boards nor spend hours updating your CV again. By growing your network, positioning yourself as an industry expert and building your online profile, your next career move could be knocking on your door quicker than you think!

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