Networking- An Essential Part Of Building Wealth

Networking- An Essential Part Of Building Wealth

The Paybacks of Networking.

Whether you’re an accountant or an architect, the benefits of networking in both your professional and personal life are aplenty. From growing your business to finding a new job and everything in between. SB Recruitment have put together a list of the advantages of networking below:

Broaden your horizons. When you work, live and socialise with the same groups of people it can be easy to think inside that space. By interacting with people from different industries or walks of life you open yourself up to learning new ways of looking at current situations and expanding your cultural understanding in many ways.

Grow your connections. Having a great network of people to draw on when the need arises can be so beneficial. As a freelancer, or if you are looking to hire, or build a great network before the need arises – it can make life so much easier when the time comes to already have a network built. Whether that be to hire that next photographer, admin temp or events coordinator… you name it! Conversely if you are looking for work by selling yourself at events it is good business development for the future.

Open yourself to opportunities. If you are looking for that next career break, or to move into a new field, networking can be a great place to start and meet people that can help you on your quest or introduce you to people who can.

Offer opportunities. Have you got a specific skill set and not sure how to start telling people who you are? Networking events, and many of which are free can be a great way to grow yourself and find opportunities without a large financial investment. You would be surprised who is looking once you start!

Advice rich. Are you building a website, or looking for advice on the best way to do xyz? By growing your network now, you will have an extensive pool of advice and talent to draw from when you need some advice. You might be looking for your next career move and not sure what is the best MBA school, or what CMS you should use to build that new blog. Platforms like Meetups and Facebook have revolutionised the way we network so you can find a group that is meeting about the specific subject or field you want.

Skills. Whatever skill you require as either a business or personally, networking is a fantastic way to grow your skills. There are several mentoring and professional development opportunities to be found by networking, and many at a fraction of the price or free compared to traditional education platforms.

You might make a friend! Don’t forget in this busy day and age and as an adult it can be hard to make new friends, especially when so much is one way online. By networking you can meet like minded people and grow from there, and you might just make a new friend, mentor or colleague.

With so many benefits and positive aspects to growing yourself by networking, what are you waiting for? If you are not sure where to start, we recommend checking the ‘Eventbrite’ website for upcoming events in Sydney!

Or do a quick search in Meetups for the type of network you are looking for, Google events in your local area or look on social media for events near you. Don’t forget that networking doesn’t always have to be face-to-face either. You can successful networking and build and grow relationships all over the world online now, so don’t be afraid to start.

Happy networking!

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