Make The Most Of Your Commute

Make The Most Of Your Commute

How to make the most of your commute

Some of us are lucky enough to live really close to where we work, but for the majority the commute to and from work takes up a decent part of our work day. So rather than swearing at traffic or trolling through social media wishing you were somewhere else… We’ve come up with some ideas for the journey home that can not only help pass the time, but also increase your knowledge base by exercising your brain.
If you are travelling by public transport (and it’s safe to look at your phone) the world of technology opens up a world of entertainment. Whether it’s watching a show on Stan or Netflix, playing a game, meditating, trying your luck at a mind exercise app, reading the latest novel or learning a new language there is plenty to do! However, if you’re stuck in your car or walking home it’s obviously not safe to stare into your phone screen or monitor. So if you only have your ears available to pass the time, a podcast can be a great way to learn something new, broaden your horizons or imagine yourself somewhere else. You can listen to a podcast on just about anything you can think of – food, history, crime, sport, news… and the list goes on. You can download from home, or stream as you go for convenience.
So what should you listen to?

A quick google of top podcasts will give you a never ending source of inspiration. For the latest – Digital Trends lists the top 20 podcasts of 2019 here:

For your regular up-to-date news and sport there are a wide array of sources based on what you like. However, for a topic to get you thinking SB Recruitment have put together a few of our favourites covering a wide range of topics below to offer some inspiration.
True Crime
• Worth a listen, but beware you’ll find it hard to stop!
• For a little bit of history and food ‘The Kitchen Sisters Present’ is a must listen to learn about hidden communities, traditions and eats.
• Female health, hormones, diet and getting inspired by Melissa Ambrosini
• Kimberly Snyder on leading a positive, plant-fuelled life.
• Covering a range of topics and general life skills, TED Talks are hard to beat and you will usually find something that interest you pretty quickly, whether you’re a gamer or a CEO

So what are you waiting for? Pop on your head phones (or Bluetooth if you’re driving), and drift away, or learn about the best way to make your Sofrito pop!

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