Look Inside The Box

Look Inside The Box

Internal Movements Within A Company

So often when an organisation has a need for a new hire they look externally to fill the position through traditional sourcing methods. Whether the role has become available because someone is leaving, or the business has grown and there is a need for more resources, the first course of action for most organisations is often to advertise externally. However, looking internally to fill a position is a great place to start before posting a job ad up, because often the talent you require is already working for you in some capacity, and there are so many efficiencies to be gained by hiring internally.

There are many benefits to an internal movement, rather than a traditional external hiring model, these include:

Cultural fit. One of the hardest parts of recruiting is ensuring that culturally the person that you hire is a good fit for the organisation. Who is perfect on paper may not mesh well with the team, and there are only so many ways to test this before they are hired, and certainly no guarantees. Whereas when you internally promote or move someone sideways within an organisation you already know how they fit with the company ethos and morale, and in some ways don’t have to worry about this factor when trying to fill the position, as it becomes a lot more of a skills-based assessment.

Increasing development. Often a person within your organisation may have all the personality traits that make them perfect for a role, but perhaps just need to upskill in a certain area, such as project management. You will be surprised what you learn about people if you just ask the right questions. Many people that work one role are studying something else, or if the company they were working for offered to pay for the course would jump at the chance. Here at SB Recruitment we have seen some very good administration roles transition into marketing, recruitment and project management positions through their external study efforts, or involvement with different facets of the business and management. There are so many wins to be had here, not only are you increasing development for a current employee, but company-wide increasing development and opportunities to make you a sought-after employer within the field.

Cost savings. By internally moving a candidate within an organisation you can avoid the costs involved with posting a job ad, and down time for a full induction, as usually this would be just an induction into the role, not the entire organisation including WHS, policies etc.

Increasing retention and motivation. By hiring internally, you are investing back in your employees and showing them commitment and your desire to retain them, which is a great motivator to anyone. By increasing employee loyalty and showing commitment to current staff, the whole organisation benefits from this message.

There are clearly several benefits and increased efficiencies to be gained by hiring internally, why is it that some organisations don’t look internally first?

Sometimes the systems are broken, for example there is no way of communicating the need. Does your organisation have an internal newsletter, or company intranet where the position could be advertised, or perhaps an email from HR listing all vacant positions? Perhaps a better model may be to regularly check in with your current employees on what their current skill sets are, and what sort of career progression or moves they are willing or would like to make in the future. By keeping your database up to date, you can quickly assess whether an internal candidate would be suitable and take the necessary steps to save time and resources on an external recruit.

To make sure you get the most out of the move it is important to ensure that there is a full position description, and induction into the role for that person with regular reviews set in place. Assuming they will already know how to do the job may lead to unmet expectations for both parties. By taking the time to induct the person properly and setting regular reviews so you can track progress you can set the hire, and the organisation up for great success.

Are you unsure how to hire internally, or not sure what the right questions to ask are? SB Recruitment are specialist recruitment advisors and we can assist in helping your organisation discover if you have an internal candidate that would be suitable, or if an external recruit may be the best option.

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