Keep It Contingent

Keep It Contingent


More than ever businesses are finding that there are a number of benefits to having a contingent work force. Being able to quickly scale up or down as your business requires a service can provide great savings on a traditional work force model. However, keeping a good quality pool of freelancers, candidates, consultants (and the like) at hand for quick roll out requires preparation to ensure you are getting the best result.

See our below tips for getting the most of out of your contingent workforce:

Be prepared. Knowing there will be opportunities to use a contingent workforce is one thing, being ready for immediate roll out is another. To make this process as quick as possible we recommend having a good talent pool and network at hand, or a number of people that offer the same service just in case. This involves pre-screening for the type of workforce you need. Having a good database is key here because by doing a large part of the research and on boarding beforehand it will set you up for future successes.

Keep in regular contact. Your contingent workforce is only as good as the care they are shown. Despite the casual nature of this type of employment there is still a great opportunity to create loyalty by treating them well. We recommend you keep in regular contact and make sure you have a way of being sure when particulars change. Make sure registration, licences and skills are up to date and employment statuses checked. Don’t forget to ask for, and offer feedback on work and projects completed.

Make your brand shine. To get the best result from your contingent work force it is vital to clearly communicate what your business does, and ensure your brand is one that people want to work with too. It pays to have your culture, values and ethos perfected so it is very clear what you do and why someone would want to do work for your organisation. This also ensure that you are a good match for the services required.

Keep your eyes open for opportunity. By utilising the networks that you operate in and asking questions you will grow a strong pool of talent to draw from. The best graphic designer, accountant or lawyer you ever meet might be in your gym class. By asking questions and growing your network now; when the times comes that you are looking to hire a specialist, or that freelancer you have a strong network to pull from already.

Use a specialist firm to get what you want. If you don’t have the time or resources to grow your network and research a contingent work force yourself it pays to go to a recruitment or selection firm that can do the research for you, and deliver the right person for the service or job you require.

Respect their way of working. When it comes to freelancers and on hire staff it pays to keep an open mind. You might find the perfect employee in Germany, and in today’s fast paced technology driven world that doesn’t need to be a barrier. You can use video conferencing services and depending on the type of work it may not matter if that person is in Germany in their pyjamas – as long as you are getting the result you require it can pay to be flexible with how you get the end result.

Have good systems in place. Having a good database to work with will make a large difference when it comes time to ramp up your work force. By regularly checking in and keeping files up to date you will be a position to quickly roll out. Rather than spending days on the heavy administrative burden of checking a large pool of talent, inducting, on boarding etc.

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