It Starts At The Top

It Starts At The Top

Video Interviews…..Tips for Hiring Managers

Video interviews are becoming a common stage of the interview process for organisations, particularly for the first stage process or for interstate applicants.  These interviews can take one of two different formats.  One format is via a recorded interview in which the candidate answers questions asked of them and you then watch their recording at a later date OR you might be involved in a video interview where both the interviewer and candidate are both active participants.

The video interview is generally the first connection top talent will have with an organisation so you as a Hiring Manager, need to be presenting yourself and the company in the best possible manner.  So how do you, as a Hiring Manager, ensure you’re getting the best out of the video interview and the candidate on the other side of the screen?


  • Check your connection: There’s nothing worse than trying to conduct a video interview and the connection keeps dropping out or their face is frozen on the screen, but you can hear them talking in the background. Ensure the internet connection in the meeting room you’ve chosen is strong and consistent.
  • Ensure your webcam is set up in a good location.  You want your candidate to mainly see you on the screen and not people walking past the meeting room in the background.
  • If you’re in a meeting room, ensure there aren’t any white boards in the background with notes written all over them from the meeting before – keep in mind, that could be confidential information.
  • Be on time. Just because it’s a video interview and the candidate isn’t sitting at reception, doesn’t mean all parties shouldn’t start at the time allocated.

During the interview:

  • Ask solid, relevant questions just as you would during a regular, face to face interview. At times, a video interview can be a great way to build rapport easily with your candidate. While it’s still a very professional meeting, there is a slight relaxed feeling so it’s a great opportunity to really get to know your candidate.
  • Be present – believe it or not, a candidate will notice if you’re starting to lose interest. Just because they’re not in the room doesn’t mean they can’t see you checking your phone or reading an email. Dedicate yourself to them during the interview.
  • When closing off the interview, close it as you would any other interview. Ensure they know the timeframes you’re looking to work within and when you’ll get back to them.

Remember, candidates talk to other candidates.  You want your candidate to leave the video interview thinking ‘wow, I really want to work for that company’.  Even if they aren’t successful for the role, they might know someone that could be better suited and provide you with that referral due to the positive experience they had with you.

So, prepare well for your interview, be on time and conduct your interview just as you would if it was in your office and you will ensure that top talent are drawn to your organisation.

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