Is An MBA Worth It?

Is An MBA Worth It?

Is Completing An Mba After Your Tertiary Studies Worth The Investment?

There has been a growing trend over the last 2 decades to complete a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) at University later in your career for the next move up in your career. For example, to become a CEO. However, with such a large price tag attached to this type of degree – typically $30,000 up to $120,00 at some Universities, it begs the question is the investment worth it?
In todays digital world you can learn almost anything online and upskill from your computer, so is there really a need? The answer is, it depends. For some large firms an MBA is a prerequisite for more senior positions, and a must have for that large promotion, whereas some small firms may not require an MBA in many circumstances it is a nice to have, but not necessary. Some companies will even invest in their staff’s education to further them while they work.
So why complete an MBA?

To develop your skills. By studying an MBA you will learn the newest trends, skills and ways of thinking to change the way you do business and get you ahead.

Grow your network. An MBA can be a great way to increase your network by gaining access to like minded individuals and the range of groups for those studying this type of degree.

More money. For many organisations once you have competed an MBA your salary and position may also rise.

New opportunity and experiences. By completing an MBA you open the door to a number of new opportunities, and locations. You could start your own business, apply for a higher management position and much more. Sources highlight that according to Bloomberg, top employers hiring the most MBA graduates in Europe include Deloitte, Ernst & Young, McKinsey, and Boston Consulting Group. American companies like Apple, IBM, Procter and Gamble, and Amazon are also hunting for MBA graduates.

Above all, it can be a chance to grow personally and push your self out of your comfort zone to learn new things and climb that next mountain for yourself.

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