How To Make Your Online Presence An Employer And Employee Magnet

How To Make Your Online Presence An Employer And Employee Magnet

How to make your online presence an employer and employee magnet.

Keeping your social media professional can often make a huge impact on your success when searching for a new role.

LinkedIn has 303 million active monthly users, 40% of which visit the site daily, so it’s clear why social media can be a great tool when job hunting. More people are using LinkedIn to find work than ever before, and vice versa for employers as #careers has more than 20 million followers on LinkedIn. When crafting your LinkedIn profile, be sure to note all your prior jobs, skills, experiences plus hobbies to give yourself the best chance of finding the perfect fit.

LinkedIn isn’t the only platform employers are using to vet potential employees however. Unless you have exceptionally private Facebook and Instagram profiles, that latest post may be what’s between you and your next great job.

Using social media to share highlights of your life truthfully and honestly is a great way to show future employers your lifestyle and personality. Through having an active Facebook and Instagram, you can show those searching for you that you are easily accessible which in turn can encourage employers to reach out to you!

A candidate’s personal social media should be:
Appropriate and professional – no obscene posts or comments
Honest – gives an accurate representation of the candidate
Active – shows someone is present and relative

We know it’s easy to overshare on social media but when it comes to being on the job hunt, it’s better to keep your qualms private.

Social media etiquette goes both ways however. Searching and frequenting a potential employers online presence can give you an idea into their brand values. Around 66% of business Instagram profile views come from users who don’t follow them yet. When applying for a new role, make sure to do some research into a brand’s online presence before meeting with them. At the very least, it may give you an icebreaker line or two for the interview! Mentioning you have seen their posts will show real interest on your behalf. Companies can find great value in keeping up to date on their social pages, from both a new client and a new employee perspective.

As an employer, we suggest implementing and continually updating your social media policies to ensure your team are using the platforms correctly. Here are five policies we suggest including:

Prohibit employees from making disparaging comments about the business, employer or other employees
Ensure employees do not represent or comment on behalf of the business unless authorised
Ensure employees are aware of confidentiality agreements and do not intentionally, or unintentionally breach these agreements
Private conversations remain private and are not shared via social media when relating to other employees or the business
Ensure education on copyright is provided and followed by employees who represent the business

You may have seen a boost in the SB recruitment socials and we are heeding our own advice! We are taking the bull by the horns and sharing across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to reach more of our community. If you aren’t yet following, get a wriggle on so you don’t miss out on our tips and tricks for both employees and employers.

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