How To Achieve The Elusive Work/life Balance

How To Achieve The Elusive Work/life Balance

You’ve done the hard work, attracted and signed the right employees. You offer attractive remuneration packages and an inspiring workplace. Your employees are hard workers in a very competitive world. Demands on our time and distractions are assaulting us like never before. There are 3 simple steps you (and your employees) can use to tip the balance in your favour.


As much as we like to think we can, human beings were not meant to multi-task. There are slight exceptions, such as listening to classical music to focus, however, for the most part, switching between tasks continuously is distracting and prevents us from using our time in the most efficient manner. If you find it difficult to concentrate for long periods without some distraction then try working in shorter bursts. 25-30 minutes concentrating fully on one task. Once that time has elapsed take a short 5-minute break, but make sure it is a break. Go for a walk and clear your mind. Return then to the task at hand. Concentrating fully on a task for shorter periods of time will enable you to complete the task quicker, meaning you won’t have to spend time at home thinking about work.

2.       HEALTH

The advice can be horribly conflicting. Eat less fat, eat more fat, stop eating sugar, go vegan, go vegetarian, follow a keto diet – the list goes on. It can be tiring just trying to keep up with what you are supposed to do in order to maximise your health. 

  • Stay hydrated – this will be an individual one. Some of us need to drink more water, some less coffee/fizzy drinks/energy drinks and some less alcohol the night before. Staying hydrated will allow you to concentrate better and get your jobs done faster.
  • Get enough quality sleep. Make sure that you finish with screen time an hour before bed. Try deep breathing as you lie in bed and fade out your senses. There are some great meditative guides out there that can help you develop your own pre-bedtime routine which will also assist in falling asleep quickly.
  • Exercise. Again, this one is going to be up to the individual. Some people love lifting weights, others – a social sports team. Whether you are a seasoned Cross-fitter or a couch potato, commit to some sort of exercise program. Starting simple with a lunchtime walk can make a world of difference.

PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE! There, now that we have shouted at you and have your attention we can say it again.

Put. Down. Your. Phone.

Every time you concentrate on your phone instead of your friends and loved ones you send the message that they are unimportant. Slowly over time, all of the minutes you spend on your phone instead of having meaningful interactions erode the relationships you have. Set your phone to “Do not disturb” and talk to the people who are important to you. Strong home relationships build mental resilience and give you a pillar of strength when you are stressed. Nurture those relationships and you will be rewarded.

Encouraging your employees to achieve a greater work/life balance will decrease employee turnover, sick days and lost productivity due to inability to concentrate.

What are your secrets for improving a work/life balance?

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