Graduates; How to Land That Perfect Role & How Best to Support Grads in Your Business

Graduates; How to Land That Perfect Role & How Best to Support Grads in Your Business

It’s not easy diving headfirst into the job market, but with the right direction and a little help from those in the know – it can be simple, and yes, even enjoyable.

If you’ve recently graduated from university, you’ll probably be familiar with the notion (and feeling) that securing full-time employment is the most important thing in the world. Not only are most grads entering the job market at the same time, but the competitive nature of the market is making the process that much more challenging for those with little to no work experience.

According to recent figures by the Australia Institute’s Centre for Future Work, only 73% of graduates are currently in full-time positions, as most are finding it difficult to acquire full-time work. From insufficient demand for roles to fast-moving tech innovations disrupting the labour market and the rise of self-employment, many university graduates are struggling to gain their first significant role. That’s why it’s never been more important for graduates to have the opportunity to access suitable graduate positions and services.

If you’re savvy in your approach, this process doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. One of the first steps you can take is to consider pursuing a graduate role in a large organisation. Not sure where to look? Rest easy. There are a number of highly rated companies within all fields of employment currently providing opportunities for recent university graduates across the country. Take some time to consider the kind of organisation you think best suits your career goals and make a point of understanding the company before you apply. Employers want to know that you have invested time in researching and familiarising yourself with their organisation.

Elsewhere online, the #graduatejobs hashtag on LinkedIn is an excellent resource. Not only does it have more than 2000 followers, it allows each one to keep up with the newest grad opportunities on offer across Australia. Many organisations are also utilising websites, such as GradConnection, that specialise in finding graduates by collaborating with SEEK to advertise grad-specific roles. Take a look and sign up if this feels like something that might work for you.

Importantly, recruitment agencies like SB Recruitment are experts in the field of placing grads in full-time roles. Not only do we focus on assisting graduates with suitable opportunities by working hand-in-hand with large organisations, we also provide a CV writing service at a discounted rate for graduates to help them with their ongoing job search.

The responsibility of finding the right role however shouldn’t just lie with graduates – clients also need to play a part in ensuring the process is encouraging and easy to navigate.

As most potential candidates entering the job market are millennials and Gen Z graduates, clients would do well to recognise how innovative and forward-thinking these generations are. There is significant value in supporting these potential employees by considering their needs. This may include offering roles with flexibility, creating clear and concise outlines of training processes, and drafting personalised plans that helps support graduates throughout the entire duration of their placement or employment. What’s more, outlining how your company works provides graduates with a more in-depth understanding of your organisational structure.

At SB Recruitment, we work hard to successfully place graduates into full-time positions by utilising their skillset, focusing on the needs of each candidate and highlighting the importance of soft skills (such as creative problem solving, emotional intelligence and leadership qualities). We believe this approach ensures candidates have a real chance at scoring the grad role of their dreams..

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