From assisting others to serving a personal purpose

From assisting others to serving a personal purpose


As the final instalment in our ongoing series, SB Recruitment is shining a light on a range of talented individuals who after many years traded in their longstanding careers to chase their dream jobs. It’s our hope in these uncertain times, that you can find solace and inspiration in the idea that it’s never too late to start again.

Having spent much of her career working as a PA across a number of large organisations in Sydney, Brooke was used to putting the needs of others before her own. From the property industry to publishing – Brooke’s various roles saw her working within high-pressure environments at all hours of the day. “I was very good at organising myself and everybody else, but sometimes you get to this point where you’re just a ‘yes’ person all the time,” she explains. “I wasn’t in a position where I felt I was getting the respect I had earned for a pretty difficult job, because no one ever really thanks you – you’re always just the PA.” But it wasn’t just the lack of acknowledgement that had Brooke feeling underappreciated. “I was in one company where people were earning my annual wage as a bonus, so the financial rewards weren’t there either.”

It wasn’t until after the birth of Brooke’s daughter in 2014 that her life and career started to change, and Brooke found her true professional purpose. “I was at the lowest point of my self-confidence and wasn’t allowed to go to the gym, and that’s when I hit rock bottom,” she explains. “I eventually took myself back to work because I just needed some time to myself.” It was at this point that Brooke stumbled across a Pilates studio and signed up for her first class. “I cried the whole time during my first session, I felt so vulnerable and so lost within myself, and those women wrapped me up and said you’re OK.”

Brooke started attending classes twice a week and six months later had regained her physical and mental strength. After it was suggested she consider teaching Pilates herself due to her relatable story and its ability to help women and men in pain, Brooke took the first steps. “That week I signed up to do my diploma course with the Australian Pilates Method Association.” From face to face weekends, assignments each week and up to 600 hours of practical face-to-face work with clients, the training was intense. “It was really tough on our family, but we survived.”

While Brooke started working for a number of studios, she took the opportunity earlier this year to start her own business offering Pilates classes, massage, dry needling. “I got my business off the ground during a time where I could have easily lost out,” she explains.” It was hard to ignore all that negative self-talk, but I’ve worked hard to not have that anymore.”

Thankfully, Brooke’s big leap into a new industry and self-employment has paid off. “Now I’m very reasonable with my timetable, I’m not stretched to the limit, it’s aligned with my family time,” she adds. “I’m not pushing myself to fatigue every Friday and there’s no more Sunday anxiety. Most importantly, Brooke is revelling in doing what she loves, and supporting others in the same way she was supported at the start of her journey. “If I can help one person move away from pain or feel a connection, then I’m winning.”

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