Calling “cut” on a busy career in Television

Calling “cut” on a busy career in Television

As part of a new ongoing series, SB Recruitment is shining a light on a range of talented individuals who after many years traded in their longstanding careers to chase their dream jobs. It’s our hope in these uncertain times, that you can find solace and inspiration in the idea that it’s never too late to start again.

From stewarding on super yachts in the South of France to working within the fast-paced world of advertising in London, Alex Mumby’s career has taken her across the globe and provided a range of roles and opportunities. But after five years living abroad, this Sydney-sider felt it was time to come home and find her purpose. “I lived abroad and worked in TV post-production, but I was all over the shop” Alex’s says. “After I moved to London I fell into an executive assistant position, which I’d done before in advertising, and this lead me back into television and production as an assistant producer.”

While Alex loved living in London and looks back on the time as the best of her life, the constant grind and ‘go, go, go’ nature of the industry was becoming too much. “I almost got too used to feeling like crap,” she explains. “I didn’t know what I wanted to do but I knew I had more to give and that I had to come home to Sydney.”

After making the decision to return to Australia, Alex packed her bags and soon found herself celebrating her 30th birthday on home soil. It was at this point that Alex began questioning what she was doing with her life. “I hit a really low point and felt really lost,” she admits. “I knew I needed to help people – I’ve done that my whole life because it always felt so natural.” With this in mind, Alex turned her attention to studying holistic wellness, which includes and combines a range of specialties such as nutrition, meditation, medicines and herbal remedies. “Everything I was learning, I had started living, and it all just fell into place.”

Although Alex felt she had finally found her calling, the notion of leaving everything behind to start fresh was still daunting. “I’ve always been really confident and I’ve gone into all my jobs and interviews with that ‘fake it till you make it’ mentality, but I think, subconsciously because I knew it was just a job and not my chosen passion, I didn’t care too much – but now everything has shifted and I’ve never been so scared.”

Financially, the change in industry has been easier to navigate thanks to Alex’s support system back home. “I had my parents to live with when I left in London with no savings, but I’ve been really mindful of what I’m spending and only spending on things that are an investment for my new career.”

While Alex looks back on her professional past with gratitude, she also knows she’s made the right decision going forward. “I wouldn’t change journey as it’s given me so many stories and I had a lot of fun back then, but now my mindset has completely changed and stepping into the holistic and wellness arena has been quite liberating and just feels right.”

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