Be A Bookworm!

Be A Bookworm!

The Scientific Benefits Of Reading

While many of us appreciate the opportunity and escape that the time to sit down and read a book provides, in today’s tech focused lifestyle it is easy to forget how good for you reading actually is! Never more than now has the struggle for a great work life balance been more prevalent. Taking some time out to read can be a great way to relax and unwind, and also offers a number of health benefits.

SB Recruitment have put together a list of the scientific benefits of reading below.

It makes you smarter. Whether you are trying to educate yourself with your latest read or simply trying to escape with the newest fiction novel, by reading you are expanding your horizons and learning something new. Even a make-believe story is helping to expand your vocabulary and understanding of language and take in a new perspective.

You are fighting off disease. Numerous studies have shown the positive health benefits of reading in helping to prevent Alzheimer’s and lower depression levels. By actively engaging your brain you are helping prevent illnesses of the mind and improving your memory in several ways.

You are de-stressing. Reading is an effective way to practice mindfulness, being present and focussing on what you are doing to relieve every-day pressures. Studies have proven that reading can help to relieve anxiety in a number of ways – even just a few minutes a day can have a great impact. By reducing anxiety, you will find it easier to sleep, relax and improve overall wellbeing.

You are practicing empathy. By reading about other cultures, worlds or scenarios you are putting yourself in a character’s shoes and able visualise what it is like to think, feel and act like someone else, helping you to empathise and see things from another point of view.

You are living your best life. Studies have shown that people who read are more likely to get ahead in life and be engaged in other culturally rich activities like sport, art and theatre.

So what are you waiting for? With so many benefits to reading freely available make today the day you start reading.

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