At SB Recruitment we use our years of experience in the Accounting, Banking & Finance and Business Support sectors to match professionals to the perfect role- both temporary and permanent.

Finding the right job for yourself, or the best person for the role shouldn't be the hardest part of your day.

Sarah Bolster, founder of SB Recruitment built the business and handpicked her team from the ground up, after firsthand experience in the frustrations of recruitment. The agency has been constructed with you in mind, to always ease the process for you as a candidate, or an employer.

We do this by focusing on asking the right questions and listening to you every step of the way. Every job is different, and each person is unique. By really getting to know you, or your organisation, SB Recruitment can get it right the first time- to remove the stress involved with finding the perfect fit for your organisation, or the job of your dreams.

We are a boutique employment agency who deliver white collar professionals in Accounting, Banking & Finance and Business Support roles within the Australian market, specifically Sydney and greater New South Wales.

Whether you are looking for your next opportunity or trying to fill a role, Sarah and the team know how to help.

What differences will you see during your experience with us?

We are specialists. SB Recruitment only offer recruitment services in the sectors we specialise in, so you get access to the best jobs and the best candidates that are specific to your needs.

We are in the now. SB Recruitment are up to date with the latest recruitment trends and technology across a range of mediums, not just your typical job advert. Our specialist marketing campaigns, recruitment and selection processes are ahead of the rest and we are continually looking for newer and better ways to help achieve your goals.

We save you time. Our process has been tailor built with dedicated interview coaches and consultants who are specially trained and constantly being upskilled in the best recruitment and selection techniques. Our tried and tested recruitment processes speak to our results and work for you, every time!

We listen. Our agency has been built on quality and results and we will never rush you, or your organisation into an agreement. We will listen to your situation and utilise our experience and relationships to achieve your desired outcome.

Our results. SB Recruitment proven track record is putting the right people in the right job- the first time. We do this through the valuable relationships we build, based on trust, accountability and a true understanding of both candidate and client needs.


Leaving you time to concentrate on what you do best- you!

Find a job

Looking for your next career? Search through our current job vacancies.


Register on our website and maintain your own job seeker profile.

Search by location

Find a job near you with our location-based search.


Part of our service includes a complimentary 1-hour interview coaching session to ensure you're comfortable and able to perform at your best during your interview!

Career Adivce

We will discuss your previous career background, the type of work and culture you are searching for and can coach you on your next career choice.

For Employers

At SB Recruitment we place the Right candidate in the Right role with minimal disruption to the team!



At SB Recruitment we recruit top-notch professionals for the following markets:

Accounting- Entry level roles through to Financial Controller. As well as facilitate all roles within the chartered sector.

Banking & Finance- Entry level roles through to Middle Management.

Customer Service- High volume Customer Service roles, Inventory focused Customer Service positions, Order Management etc.

Administration- Reception, Data Entry, EA/EP, Sales Administration etc.


Is recruitment eclipsing your day to day work duties? Let us do the dirty work for you! At SB Recruitment let us use our SmartSourcing Department to handle your phone screening and reference checking process. Why?

1. Cost effective 

2. Effective and efficient 

3. Gives you back the freedom to get on with YOUR job

What is SmartSourcing?

SmartSaving is a thorough and time-saving revelation which will you give you back precious time during your busy day. Don't waste your time speaking to hundreds of applicants for the jobs you list.

SmartSourcing service packages start at as little as $400 plus GST. All consultants that handle your recruitment process have extensive local industry experience. To employ the best professional available using YOUR own sourcing methods, combined with OUR industry experts to recruit in a time and cost-effective manner. 

Services available include:

-Phone screening using an SB Recruitment template tailored to your specific needs.

-Reference checking to ensure the referee is fully qualified to complete the reference. 


SB Recruitment are recruiting Australia wide!

Our modern systems and growing networks has allowed us to expand. SB recruitment can now assist Hiring Managers and candidates with their interstate recruitment needs. 

Understanding YOUR company's unique culture and placing the right professionals in the right roles is our specialty. To find out more about how we can service your team on a National, Australia wide basis phone us on 02 9002 5000.  


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