A simple change in mindset, a big change for the future

A simple change in mindset, a big change for the future


As part of a new ongoing series, SB Recruitment is shining a light on a range of talented individuals who after many years traded in their longstanding careers to chase their dream jobs. It’s our hope in these uncertain times, that you can find solace and inspiration in the idea that it’s never too late to start again.

From advertising to marketing, tech and beyond, Julie Demsey has had a varied and exciting career. But while she’s travelled the globe and worked for some of the world’s biggest brands and organisations, it wasn’t until she found her true calling that her professional life came full circle.

With an undergraduate degree and Master’s in Business, Julie moved from in-house marketing positions to product management roles for tech companies in Silicon Valley. But after two decades in this fast-paced industry, she started noticing a desire for change. “I really enjoyed what I was doing but I realised people weren’t happy,” she says. “They were burnt out and there was a lot of bad behaviour, so I wanted to see how I could shift that.” Julie started by bringing mindfulness and meditation into the workplace. “I wanted to make things better for everyone,” she explains. “I had always done a lot of mentoring and I enjoyed being able to help people in addition to being a hardcore business person and hitting those goals.”

With a newfound sense of purpose, Julie packed her bags, relocated to Australia and started networking. “I was quickly hired to run an accelerator program for female entrepreneurs, but I found I was working more than I did in Silicon Valley, and often without as much upside.” Julie soon realised those she was mentoring and working with were often being held back by their own fears – not their actual abilities. “I wanted to figure out how we could use our brain to better set ourselves up for success, and that’s when I discovered hypnotherapy – that’s when my biggest career change happened, when I was in my 50s.”

Now a clinically certified hypnotherapist and mindset coach, Julie feels as if her true calling finally aligns to her ideals and principles. “I realised that if I didn’t step out and do something I really enjoyed, I was going to continue to bury myself in work,” she explains. While Julie is revelling in her career change, it did take some time getting used to a new schedule and routine. “At first when I wasn’t sitting with clients all day, I was anxious, like I was doing something wrong,” she jokes. “I literally had to retrain my brain to be OK with seeing clients in the morning and then going for a swim or a walk in the afternoon.”

Julie believes the key to finding professional and personal success is by thinking outside the box in a way that works best for you. “I feel like my life is in more alignment,” she says. “I find huge value in what I am able to help my clients do, and my stress has reduced significantly.” As for her advice for those looking to branch out on their own? Remain positive and surround yourself with those who are happy to support your ideas. “The brain likes what’s familiar, so you’ll question yourself, but you need to push through it and give yourself the positive messages,” she adds. “You can do this, and you will do this, and you’ll figure it out along the way.”

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