A Big Career Shift Can Better You

A Big Career Shift Can Better You

A Big Career Shift Can Better You

What does it take to move forward in your career? Sometimes you have to be willing to make sacrifices to do what you love but at what cost? In today’s society, finding a new job can be increasingly difficult, and with high expectations, demanding work hours, and commitments on the rise, it’s hard to know which job will be right for you, let alone be able to mould to a lifestyle that is achievable for you.

Some of the key motivators causing candidates to continuously search for new roles can include less time travelling overseas for work, a lack of career growth and development in the business, higher pay, and even the fear of being made redundant in some cases where certain jobs may no longer be needed.

Of all candidates who registered with SB recruitment in Quarter 1 and seeking permanent employment, 30% of people would be happy to move for the same salary. Interestingly, 22% would take a pay cut to move jobs and the remaining 48% of those would only move if a pay increase were involved. The average increase across these candidates was an additional $5k – $10k to move roles. These statistics make sense in the workforce today as more and more companies are willing to make redundancies in order to cut costs, or be able to hire a younger candidate for much lesser pay than an older, long-standing staff member.

There is always a golden rule our parents tell us, “Do not leave a job unless you already have something lined up”, “Think about your future”, or “What is your back up plan?” Of those willing to take a pay cut, 76% of those candidates were either immediately available or in temporary employment, seeking permanent work as quickly as they can find it. 32% of those were senior candidates who were willing to take a pay cut to move forward in their career, and 43% of these senior candidates were willing to take even as much as a $40k pay cut to secure their next permanent position.

It goes without saying, you have to do what makes you happy in life. Be sure to take into consideration everything you are looking for in your next role that is within reason and apply it as much as you can to your job search.

Parents in permanent roles with young children at home may need to ask whether the possibility for flexible working hours can be accomodated to fit in child care, school drop off and pick up times as well as flexibility during the school holidays to be able to spend time with their children. For those in temporary employment, a contract with a minimum of six months is usually preferred providing the candidate with extra stability and a longer time frame to achieve more work required to make an impact in any organization.

There is always a certain amount of thrill when leaving any job. New opportunities bring new people into your life, and a change in your career path can bring massive rewards in the long run. Leaving a toxic work environment or realising that the company after 10 years did not suit you anymore can leave you feeling exhilarated!

Whenever you’re ready to make the leap, we suggest setting up a plan to help you succeed.

  • Set realistic goals and preferences in mind for what your next job could offer, whether that be flexible working times as a busy parent, working from home, and even job sharing. Whatever you feel is necessary for you to succeed both in your job but in life too!
  • Make a list of your reasons for you making the change (this can also be a mental list too!) to help you stay on track even through the tough times
  • Be prepared to get knocked back (maybe even multiple times!). You may land a job after one interview but more often than not you will have to sit through more than just one to find the right job for you.
  • Learn how to be picky. Settling for a job that does not meet your needs or is not entirely what you want to do can end up being a waste of time so learn to be picky with the specifics of jobs and ask as many questions as you can to your potential employer.
  • Celebrate your success when you have finally reached the end of the road! You have found your next ideal dream job!
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