Social Media, Stay Down With The Kids

Social Media, Stay Down With The Kids

How To Use Social Media To Source Candidates

Digital media, and specifically social media is fast becoming one of the most popular and successful ways to source candidates. By developing your social media recruitment strategy, you can save time, money and resources on recruitment, and often times gain access to top candidates that aren’t actively looking for new work.

Social media sourcing has many benefits. You can be targeted, specific and speak to the audience you desire at a much lower cost than traditional media such as newspaper. No longer do you need to pay for expensive paper adverts in weekend papers to get access to top talent.

During the mining boom in Australia a number of large mining companies recruited through targeted Facebook and LinkedIn campaigns directly aimed at recruiting women to work the mines, and the face of digital recruitment (and mining) has changed rapidly ever since.

So how can you use social media to recruit?

Pick who you would like to talk to. LinkedIn and Facebook have many free and paid ways to source candidates. You can set up paid campaigns where you can directly inbox, or appear in ideal candidates’ newsfeeds.

Promote your culture from within. By creating an employee culture in your business that is brag worthy, your employees can be your best advertisements. Great induction packs, and employee benefit days are all examples of the types of posts that are appearing on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. In the day and age of social media your audience is always watching. Be the best, and you will attract the best.

Join the network. Make sure your company is actively involved in industry groups and forums online. LinkedIn has a number of industry groups where your next recruit could be hiding. Perhaps your next expert is expressing their views on a forum in Reddit? Maybe your next marketing guru is building their own personal brand on Instagram? By participating in conversations, or adding valuable knowledge you can stand out from the crowd. Facebook groups like “Sydney women in engineering” can be a great way to access your next candidate or a place to put out an ad. Facebook can place your adverts in groups like these, so you are only speaking to the types of people you would like to recruit.

LinkedIn is key. When it comes to corporate recruitment LinkedIn has changed the way we recruit. There really is no end to the possibilities on LinkedIn. You can use the site to attract active job seekers, and also those passive ones. By building your brand page, using filters and personal messaging you can find the right candidates.

Check on that CV! Another helpful tool when it comes to social media is when it is time to interview and reference check you can find out a lot about a person! Check employment history, have a look at their online presence, you can find out a lot more than what someone tells you through their CV. You can also see who they have worked with before, perhaps you have some connections in common that you could ask for an opinion?

The possibilities are endless with social media recruitment. SB Recruitment are experts in digital recruitment. Speak to us today about how we can design and tailor a social media campaign to recruit for your next role or group hire.

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