The Interview...How to Ensure you Secure your Dream Job!


After thoroughly assessing your motivations, searching various job boards and apply for a number of roles you’re interested in, you’ve been asked by a Hiring Manager or Recruiter  to come in and talk further about your background, the role you’ve applied for and your suitability to the position.


So how do you ensure you secure your dream job?


Clearly you can’t control your interviewer or the decision they make, but you certainly can do everything in your power to ensure you have the best possible opportunity of being their new star employee! 


First you must ensure you prepare for the interview and research the company.  There are various ways to do this:


  • Thoroughly research the company website. Familiarise yourself with the company’s values and its core products and services.
  • Seek out information regarding the industry that the company is involved in, their current status in the market place and any competitor information that may be relevant.  
  • Confirm the interview time. Plan on arriving 5-10 minutes before your scheduled interview time. Do not be any earlier than 10 minutes and definitely do not be late.  Make sure you know where the interview is located and any specific directions on how to get there.
  • Your interviewer should already have your CV, but take a spare copy just in case. 
  • Ensure that you are presented in a corporate manner, your hair is neat and tidy and your shoes are polished/clean. If you’re a male always wear a tie. Make sure your mobile is switched off.  A good first impression is always important.
  • Prepare yourself in advance with some common interview questions. You may be asked a mix of both behavioural and skill specific questions.  An example of a behavioural question is ‘Give me an example of when you showed initiative and took the lead’. The correct way of answering a behavioural question is to provide them with a specific example, the steps you took and what the outcome was.


So you’re all prepared now for your interview!  You’ve researched the company and the industry it’s within, you’re presented in a corporate manner and you’ve prepared yourself with some common interview questions.  But what about during the interview?


  • Just try to be relaxed and reassure yourself with the amount of preparation you’ve done.  Be positive and maintain eye contact during the interview. 
  • Speak clearly at all times, think before you speak and try to avoid one word answers. 
  • When answering questions with regards to reason for leaving roles, ensure you provide positive answers and don’t speak badly of old Supervisors or Employers.


To sum things up, you can do everything in your power to ensure you leave a positive image for your potential employer to make certain you land that dream job!  Ensure you prepare for your interview, do extensive research, present in a corporate manner and stay relaxed and take reassurance in the amount of preparation you’ve done for this interview. Good luck!

By Sarah Bolster






Your Job search....Where to begin?


It’s always a very daunting task when you finally decide it’s time for a new job.  It may be that you’ve been thinking about it for a while or suddenly you’ve woken one morning realising this job that you go to day in and day out, really isn’t for you.  Either way, no matter what your situation, the current market makes it hard for people to decide if they should head off in a new direction.


Once you’ve decided it’s time for you to bite the bullet, where do you begin? 


First step is to make sure you’re in the career you want to be in! There’s absolutely no point applying for Accounts roles if you know your motivation is to get out of Accounts and be a Zoo Keeper! 


Once you’ve determined the type of job you want to do you need to find out what else motivates you.  Are you searching for part time roles so you’re able to spend more time at home with your family? Is it important to you to be working close to home? Would you like a company that can provide you with flexibility so you’re able to complete your CPA? Is it important to you to be working for an Australian organisation or would you like to work for a global giant?  What salary are you searching for?


Next step is to make sure your cv is up to date, clear and to the point with relevant information mentioned in relation to the roles that you’re applying for.  List duties for each role in bullet point format as opposed to massive paragraphs.  Hiring Managers are reading hundreds of applications for their roles these days and in order for your application to stand out, make it easy for them to read! 


After you’ve clarified exactly what you’re looking for and your cv is ready to go, your obvious next step is to start searching for that perfect role! Get online and view job boards, update your Linked In profile to show your extensive experience in your chosen field (let’s face it, every Hiring Manager, Recruiter or HR Consultant keeps their eye on Linked In on a regular basis to keep an eye out for exceptional Talent), line yourself up with Recruiters that are specialists in your industry sector and not only discuss their current opportunities but ask them to contact companies where you’d like to work to see if they have anything suitable for you. There’s nothing more attractive to a company then to hear that a proactive & hard working candidate out in the market wants to work for them! 


To recap, first spend time assessing your current role, where you want to be in 5 years time and the steps you need to get there.  Once your path is clear in your mind write your sales document – your CV.  You want to ensure the hiring manager is tempted by the details and will call you to discuss your suitability for the role you applied for. 


So you are half way there; you have chosen your career path and the hiring manager would like to talk to you about your CV.  Next time we will talk about interview techniques and how to ensure you secure your dream job.

By Sarah Bolster