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Sarah Bolster
Managing Director
Born and raised in Sydney, Sarah’s recruitment journey first began in 2005 while working as a specialist within the finance sector. It didn’t take long however for Sarah to identify an ongoing industry issue – a lack of customer care was having a significant impact on client and candidate outcomes. Sarah recognised the opportunity to solve this problem through the creation of an innovative new business. In 2010, Sarah launched SB Recruitment and hasn’t looked back since. From humble beginnings to a team of eight dedicated staff members, Sarah and SB Recruitment continue to deliver a much-needed personal touch to the accounting, finance, administration and customer service sectors. Sarah’s hands-on approach and desire to highlight customer care as a core value of her business is just one of the many ways SB Recruitment continues to deliver a seamless recruitment process through fulfilled candidates and clients.

Leona McCarthy
Operations Manager
When Leona first left Ireland in 2016, she never intended for her stay in Australia to last any longer than just a few months. Fast forward one year and Leona joined SB Recruitment in 2017 with significant knowledge and time spent working across payroll and admin. Since then Leona has been instrumental in providing the team with the resources and capabilities needed to deliver the highest-standard of care and attention to detail for clients and candidates alike. With more than five years’ experience within the industry, Leona’s ability to identify and anticipate the needs of others is just one of the many reasons she is the backbone of the SB Recruitment Sydney office.

Polly Martin
Client Services Manager
Having left the UK for the sunny shores of Australia in 2017, Polly quickly found a new home within the team at SB Recruitment as lead Client Services Manager. Naturally excelling within a role that requires genuine care, and interest in the needs of a range of clients, Polly regularly goes above and beyond to provide seamless experiences for those she works with. With significant experience in management, training and recruitment in roles both locally and internationally – Polly’s ability to deliver a consistently high-standard of work and sensibility towards her clients is demonstrated each and every day.

Jenny Quigley
Team Leader - Permanent & Fixed Term Contract Recruitment
Having worked in recruitment for 15 years, Jenny’s experience within the accounting and finance sectors is second to none. As one of the original SB Recruitment team members, Jenny’s understanding of the organisation as well as its core vision and values has culminated in unmatched expertise and business acumen. Jenny possesses an undeniable ability to provide detailed briefs for each position – even when her clients aren’t entirely sure what they need just yet. Thanks to her extensive network, Jenny also has a knack for uncovering the ideal candidates for each role. Jenny’s experience as a talent acquisition specialist is demonstrated in all forms thanks to an established history working across all aspects of the industry. It’s this knowledge and understanding that continually allows Jenny to help clients and candidates flourish and reach their full potential.

Kim Mckenzie
Team Leader - Contingent Recruitment
Recently graduating from a Bachelor of Arts and Business at the University of New South Wales, Kim now provides consistent support to candidates looking to take the next step in their career. With a background in customer service and administration, Kim has transitioned from her role as Recruitment Consultant to Account Manager to Team Leader for Contingent Recruitment and hopes to positively impact the lives of a diverse range of candidates. Embracing a remarkable ability to multi-task while still ensuring the utmost quality and care in her work, Kim’s continued contribution to the team is nothing short of motivating.

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