For Job Seekers

Let us take the hard work out of job seeking and put the excitement back into your job search!

Job seeking can be stressful and energy zapping – the endless applications, interviews and research required, as well as the pressure to make sure you are making the correct decision for your future.

Let us take care of that!

When you register with SB Recruitment you are joining a Recruitment Family with a passion for placing the right professional into the right role.

Register with us and we will conduct an in depth initial interview focusing on –

  • Career background

  • What sector and field you want to work in

  • What made you want to find a new job

  • The type of company and culture you want to work in, and

  • Any special requirements you have

From there we will discuss the roles we have available we think you’ll love and line up the interviews for you.

Don’t worry if you’re nervous about the interview process. Practice makes perfect and at SB Recruitment we include a complimentary 1 hour interview coaching session so that you can showcase your skills like the pro you are on the day!


7 Top Interview Research & Preparation Tips
  1. A good first impression is imperative – present yourself in a corporate manner, neat and tidy haircut, polished and clean shoes. An interview is a first date after all!

  2. Thoroughly research the Company website – you don’t need to know everything, but knowing the history and what they do is important.

  3. Familiarise yourself with the Company’s values, core products and services and research the general industry – this will show them you are serious about working for them.

  4. Arrive between 5 – 10 minutes early for your interviews. Do not come an earlier than that and definitely DO NOT be late.

  5. Bring a spare copy of your CV with you.

  6. Prepare yourself in advance with some common interview questions (both behavioural and skill specific) and make sure you have one or two questions to ask the interviewer at the end.

  7. Make sure you know where the interview will take place, both the address and the physical location in the building. Find out if there are any specific instruction or directions and confirm the time.


  • Switch your Cell phone OFF

  • Try to relax (take 3 deep breaths before you enter the room to oxygenate the blood), you have done the research and prepared

  • Use positive and friendly body language – a firm handshake and eye contact are a great start

  • Follow your interviewer’s lead, wait until you are offered a seat, or wait until your interviewer sits before you do

  • Maintain a level of eye contact during the interview, it’s not a staring contest but you can look distracted if you don’t look at them

  • Speak clearly and project your voice

  • Think before you speak – there is nothing wrong with a thoughtful pause

  • Avoid one-word answers

  • Be positive about your reasons for leaving your current/previous position

  • Never speak badly of past employers or colleagues under any circumstances

  • When asked about your strength make them relevant to the position you are interviewing for