Is recruitment taking up too much of your time and your day to day work duties are building up?


New to SB Recruitment is our SmartSourcing Department which is a cost effective way of handling your phone screening and reference checking process.


If you'd prefer to do the majority of the recruitment process we will be more than happy to take the dirty work from you!




SmartSourcing is a thorough and time saving product which will ensure you are not taking precious time out of your day to speak to hundreds of applicants which have come through your own advertisements.


Our service packages start as little as $400 plus GST and all Consultants who handle part of your recruitment process have exstensive local industry experience.  Ensure you employ the very best candidate available on the market using your own sourcing methods combined with industry experts to recruit in a timely and cost effective manner.


Services available include:


  • Phone screening using an SB Recruitment template tailored to your own specific needs
  • Reference checking ensuring the referee is fully qualified to complete the reference
  • For a limited time complimentary immigration checks are available to all SB Recruitment’s clients


To find out more about our unique services call us on 02 9002 5000 to discuss how we can help you save time and money.