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Workplace Diversity – Hot Topic in Business Today….But Why??

With a business world which is constantly changing, organisations are finally seeing the value that a Diverse Workplace can bring and are adopting policies to ensure they keep at the forefront of this important topic. While we’ve all been talking about it for a number of years, it seems big business is suddenly on board and they’re doing what they can to drive this policy through their organisations.

Before you all say ‘there she goes again, burning her bra’ Workplace Diversity stretches much further than the gender debate! Diversity in the workforce isn’t just about a certain number of females on a Board or the number of male nurses working in the health system but a workplace which brings together, not only all genders, but people of different sexual orientation, race, educational background, political views, age, ethnic groups etc.

So what are the advantages of a Diverse Workplace and why do innovative businesses see it as such an important part of their future?

  • Reputation:  A Diverse workforce provides a business with a great reputation with its employees, suppliers, potential clients and the market as a whole. It assists an organization in showing to the world its ethics and values.
  • Innovation: You couldn’t create a more creative environment if you tried. With a variety of different backgrounds, life experiences and views, ideas will flow! Different opinions will provide great feedback and suggestions for ideas.
  • Looking for a monetary return on this investment?  There’s no better way to drive productivity and profits than building a workforce where staff feel accepted, cared for and valued. As Richard Branson famously said ‘If you look after your staff well, they will look after your customers. It’s that simple’.
  • Increased candidate pools: Clearly an organization that’s looking across a diverse range of candidates is going to have a larger pool of talent to work with than a company that is limited in their idea of a suitable candidate. A perfect example; is it really necessary to hire a customer service officer with a Degree just because your organization has ALWAYS only hired staff that hold this qualification?  Educational background is constantly an area where businesses seem to fall short when sourcing a suitable candidate and companies that are embracing Workplace Diversity Policies are starting to recognize this. In turn, they are sourcing great candidates which other businesses are closing their door to.

Although there are plenty of reasons to move forward with implementing policies to encourage Diversity in the workplace, organisations must also recognize the challenges these policies can also bring and ensure they implement the tools and training for management and staff to communicate their way through these issues.

Rolled out well, Workplace Diversity Polices can ensure your organization stays at the forefront of your industry, they will communicate to the market your company values and show staff your commitment to developing an inclusive workforce where all are accepted and respected.

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